An Apple a day keeps the doctor away.

A healthy diet can keep you active year round.

Whole grains and fresh fruit are part of any healthy diet.

Sporting activities require specific nutritional content.


Healthwise 4 Life

We're an educational program dedicated to bringing healthy choices to the workplace and to life as a whole. Encouraging healthy eating habits goes a long way to preventing serious illnesses at any age. Today's responsible businesses know of the importance of the health of their employees. The investment in educational programs to improve employee's diets can pay off in spades with less sick days, more productivity, less turnover, and happier workspaces.

Our services:

Chris and Carol are available for group or individual nutritional evaluation in a virtual or personal setting.

A physician release and diet recall must be completed prior to consultation. Analysis of diet recall prior to the consultation.

The diet recall will be used as the starting point for a revised eating plan. Verbal consultation will be performed.

Patient preferences and lifestyle will be incorporated into a modified nutrition and exercise plan. Any questions or concerns can be addressed at this time.

We will provide you with a starter kit that includes a sample eating plan. It will include a comprehensive DVD on guidelines for balanced nutrition. Also included are helpful tools to assist you on your new journey to better health wise for life!

About Us


Carol has been a registered dental hygienist in Florida since 1986 and has been employed by the same dentist since 1989. She shares her nutritional knowledge at the dental office and at a holistic health medical office. As someone who counsels patients on oral hygiene, she is acutely aware of the relationship that nutrition plays in the whole body. This directly applies to Carol as she grew up with food allergies and has spent considerable time researching and learning about gluten intolerance and healthy eating alternatives.

Fitness is another of Carol's passions. She teaches classes in yoga, cycling, Pilates and aqua at several wellness centers. Her philosophy of looking at the body as a whole instead of focusing on just part of it leads Carol to teach people that what goes in the mouth can make a difference in how one performs and feels every day. Just "eat for the health of it."


Chris is currently coaching swim programs for youth and adults at the YMCA. She is a substitute teacher covering science at the middle and high school levels. Most of her time is spent with her three children and their many activities.

She is a dedicated athlete competing in a variety of sports including; running events, open water swimming, water polo, and figure competitions. She was a USAT All-American (triathlete) in 2008.

Chris is passionate about nutrition and hopes to inspire others to make lifestyle changes for a better, more fulfilling life.


Try This!

Weekly tips to practice as an important step to your new nutrition lifestyle

  • 1. Eat breakfast every morning
  • 2. Change your cereal to a high fiber cereal
  • 3. Eat every 3 hours and make the meal count for something
  • 4. Eat nutritionally dense foods that include fiber, protein, good carbohydrates and fats
  • 5. Add spinach and onions to a burger instead of Ketchup and Mayo
  • 6. Eat the colors of the rainbow when shopping for fruits and veggies
  • 7. Add frozen broccoli or spinach to your smoothie (you will not taste it)

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